Infrastructure Management

Keeping Your Applications Backed Up and Online 24/7

Our Infrastructure Management Keeps Your Applications Secure, Backed Up, and Online 24/7

Deployment and Migration

Our service ensures a smooth transition to Azure including infrastructure management and architecture, network virtualization, security setup, migration of applications, and databases. We will manage every step of the process to provide business continuity and protocols that leave no down time for your applications.

Disaster Recovery

Our service creates system back-ups and immediate fail-over protocols to protect your up time and data integrity. Having a plan in place to minimize your risk is a safe bet to protect your business and users.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

As your application grows AppCore Labs is there to support and manage your infrastructure. You will have access to our support team and tools to see all of your application activity. If you are in Southern California you can see us in person.

Mobile Infrastructure and Data Visualization

We leverage the Azure platform to provide you with data visualization tools that ensure you have the most up to date data on your application. Crash reporting, daily usage statistics and event analysis will help you understand your users behavior on the app.

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