End To End Testing

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Our End To End Testing Ensures High Quality App Delivery

We create use cases to test the strength of your app to ensure high quality delivery. Following a strict protocol for testing we set up several testing environments to keep your app working properly. Each feature is scripted, tested and validated so your technology is working properly for the long term.

Additionally, we know that nothing can replace the human touch. As a result of this, we also perform manual testing to capture data on fingerprint sizes, gender and screen sizes. When you use real life humans, the results of your experience are truly validated.



We merge code on an integration server to have one repository for all developers to work simultaneously. This allows seamless development with multiple coders, allowing the development process to run much smoother and faster.



We test the newly built code based on time intervals (we call them sprints) to ensure the code is running smoothly. Having your code working in optimal conditions ensures the testing phase is thorough and complete and your product is able to scale.

User Acceptance

We give you a sandbox to beta test the end user experience. This activity shows you the progress of your app and allows you to provide the feedback necessary to align with your needs.



The final upload after all the testing environments have been fulfilled. This is where we will upload your final product until the next sprint.

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