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How To Create A Great Mobile App Design

Superior app design is both an art and an applied science — and it starts with thinking things through. Here’s a brief guide to doing exactly that. Form follows function, right? So, when it comes to designing the perfect app for your purpose, company or enterprise,...

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Developing An App Idea

Planning to develop an app entails challenges in today's market. Competition is fierce. Getting noticed is hard. Think of how you become aware of apps, choose apps and how easily you part with your hard-earned money to buy an app. You get the drift. Developing an app...

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Riverside County: An Overlooked Technology Hotbed

When you think of high technology and innovation areas, the Silicon Valley of Northern California usually comes to mind. You may even think of "Silicon Beach," the West Los Angeles locale where companies like SnapChat and Hulu are based. But the Inland Empire,...

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Up and Coming Tech Businesses in Corona Develop Cool Apps

If you've got hoop skills and you're looking for a competitive pick-up game of basketball, you are in luck because there's a new app for that. Rival, created by city of Corona natives Karan Amin and Jasjeet Virk, is a platform for athletes designed to connect players...

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Tips For End To End Testing Your App

You’ve created an amazing app. It’s just what the market needs. But the last thing you want to do is release it to the public and discover the app is has a glitch or a bug that went undetected. To avoid a “buggy” situation, it’s important to conduct end to end testing...

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