Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure for Your App

Date Posted
January 30, 2019

Congratulations! You’ve come up with an App idea that could potentially be the next “Big” thing, now what? The time has come to put a plan in place and make some decisions on what to do next. To move forward with launching your app, you need to make sure you have a scalable cloud infrastructure in place. All business infrastructures include physical office spaces, organizational processes, and specific company policies. In addition to these components, deciding on and establishing the right server infrastructure is essential for your application to succeed.         

Factors to Consider When Establishing Your Application’s Server Infrastructure

  • Your Type of Application: What kind of app did you make? Native, Hybrid, or Web? Each has their own unique qualities. Native apps work on a specific operating system - they are perfect for games and other consumer-focused apps that rely on graphics and performance. Web apps have the flexibility to work on different operating systems - they are good for apps that do not require high performance or need access to the device’s hardware. Hybrid apps are a combination of both - they can work on multiple operating systems but can use the device’s hardware as well. Next, you need to choose your backend platform (some platforms will be contingent based on your type of application).
  • Your Platform: A crucial part of operating and deploying your application is deciding on your backend platform system. Your choices include LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python), .NET (C#, SQL Server, Windows, and IIS), or MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node.js.). These backend platform systems encompass your web server, operating system, programming logic, and your database. You can also customize your backend platform to meet your apps specific requirements. Once you’ve decided on your platform, you need to figure out where to host your application.
  • Where to Host Your Application (Public or Private Cloud): Hosting your app on the cloud has many benefits including reduced costs and increased efficiencies. You can decide to host your application on a Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, IBM) or within a Private Cloud. Public Clouds allow you to access a lot of computing power on the Internet, and you also can scale a service quickly. Private Clouds will enable you to control exactly where you store your data, but you cannot get the same economies of scale as a public cloud.

Monitoring Your Application’s Development and Performance

Now that you’ve established your basic server infrastructure, it’s time to monitor your applications development. You’ll need to decide how much IT support you need, and if it will be necessary to have a full IT team in place right from the beginning.  Your IT staff will need to test and demo your application’s performance and fix any bugs before you launch. After you launch, you will also need to check your app during production to make sure everything is continuing to work correctly. In addition to manual testing, you can also use tools like app analytics that can provide you with valuable information like service peak times and consumer usage. Monitoring your application’s performance and improving its functionality is an ongoing process.

How AppCore Labs Can Help

Once you’ve created the blueprint for your application’s infrastructure and laid out the initial foundation for the app, it’s a good time to expand. Working with a company like AppCore Labs can help you architect and sustain a large-scale IT infrastructure. AppCore is an experienced software company and cloud service provider that can help support the growth of your application. For more information on our company or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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