Developing An App Idea From Scratch

Date Posted
September 1, 2018

Planning to develop an app entails challenges in today's market. Competition is fierce. Getting noticed is hard. Think of how you become aware of apps, choose apps and how easily you part with your hard-earned money to buy an app. You get the drift. Developing an app idea can be challenging.

Start by creating an app which looks terrific. Attach graphics, features and notifications to the app. Gear them toward the most likely customers. This means doing appropriate market research.

This also presumes having a realistic budget. So, make sure to investigate, estimate and account for how long you think bringing the app to market will take. Forecast a budget accordingly. Keep in mind the total amount of money for development, too. In other words, include money for testing, i.e., releasing a beta version, re-testing and fixing bugs, glitches and oversights.

Apps are generally budgeted between $3,000 to $150,000. Funding sources can be investors, those who make loans, such as joint venture companies which invest in apps, or crowdfunding sources such as AppBackr. Some entrepreneurs prefer Kickstarter. You also may want to enter an app competition, for which the prize or reward may be funding for your app.

Examine, think about and answer:

  • What's the app's price?
  • How will it make money?
  • Where will the app be sold?
  • What value does the app add?
  • Does it add value that no other app offers?

An app ought to be relatively easy to notice and grasp in a cluttered store environment, so remember to keep it simple. Write the app's basic value proposition with this simplicity in mind. The app must have the capacity to be reduced to a clear, coherent experience in reality.

For example, anything which makes life simpler, more productive and easier is usually a good idea for an app. Need a place to get gas? See Gas Buddy. Have to find the nearest Starbucks? Pardon the cliche, but there's an app for that. There are apps for parking, traffic, rides and other ways to alleviate today's problems. Create the app with a sense of purpose and proportion.

Funding, testing and streamlining the app you've conceived is the start of development — there's more to do — so develop it step by step, one progression at a time. Don't try to do too much. Getting the app right means isolating each part while integrating and optimizing the data as you go.

Among the steps you'll need to address:

  • Screen size. Make the app function across multiple platforms, so the user can take advantage on several Factor operating system needs, technologies, pixel requisites, etc.
  • Interactivity. Today's technology affords a range of sensory interactions, so don't confine the app to swipe and tap features. Consider displaying more information. Add shaking or tilting. Invite the user to act.
  • Education. Equip the app to explain how to use it — it's alarming how many apps fail to do this — and demonstrate key data points.

Developing your app requires an exertion of thought and effort, it's true. However, applying these tips with your app idea in mind will keep your work in progress and prepare you for success.

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