How To Create A Great Mobile App Design

Date Posted
September 1, 2018

Superior app design is both an art and an applied science — and it starts with thinking things through.

Here’s a brief guide to doing exactly that.

Form follows function, right? So, when it comes to designing the perfect app for your purpose, company or enterprise, it’s best to front load the heavy thinking, planning and designing. Mapping the process will help you achieve this somewhat overwhelming goal. Get everyone on the team rested, enthused and fit for getting the app design done. Ultimately, creating the best app design depends less upon deadline than it depends upon commitment.

Arrange a series of small yet serious steps. Always begin with fundamentals. Here are some starting points:

  •  Define your app: what will it look like and do?
  •  How will the app do it? Quantify this in specific terms
  •  Who’s most likely to gain from using it?
  •  What do competing app designs look like?
  •  How do they perform? Read reviews, note the criticism
  •  Are competing app designs successful? Use and test them
  •  Note similarities and differences; gauge results
  •  Why would someone want this app? List reasons
  •  What expectations might someone have for the app?
  •  What value does the app add to someone’s life?

With fundamentals set, you’re off to a solid start. Now let’s stay focused.

Designing your app will be easier if you don’t skimp on details, so thoroughly address and answer each of the questions above. The better the answer, the fewer problems you’re likely to face later.

Next, think about who’s best qualified to design and build your app. Answering certain questions will help you come up with a few prospects and narrow the list to the best designer and builder. Think about whether anyone on the team is capable of app design, what experience, if any, they may have and how their apps turned out. Try to quantify this in specific terms. You can also ask:

  •  Is an outside firm best suited to create the app?
  •  How do they approach app design? What’s their philosophy?
  •  What is their track record of results?

Now, the foundation is laid, the team is in place and it’s time to start working specific project details. This means addressing and answering questions such as: how much will the app cost to design and build? Which platforms (iOS, Android, both) apply? How long will the app take to design and build? Does the app align with the brand? If so, how? If not, why?

Remember to address and account for how the app aims to add value, such as capturing data and making money. Forecasting how app design might diminish or improve over time is also a good practice and can save time later. Creating necessary wireframes or storyboards from start to finish will also help you see the app in its fullest context and help identify the right areas to focus on upfront.

Finally, designing a prototype takes time and concentration. However, if you spend the time upfront to understand your audience and marketing demand, you will be positioned for a successful product. Engagement and simple to use functionality is key to a good app design. With a little upfront planning and accounting for each step in the process, you will be poised for a great app and a successful venture! Remember as well that AppCore is always available for you to help with guidance.

Please feel free to contact us any time. Best of luck in bringing your app to reality!

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