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At our core we are builders and multipliers. We thrive on working collaboratively with others.

City of Corona, CA

Public and Private Partnerships are very important in creating a community. This connection helps residents and businesses thrive. We are very excited to work with the City of Corona’s Economic Development Manager Kim Davidson and the Corona Chamber of Commerce’s Director of Membership Heather Rawlings. We believe together we are stronger and better. Partnering with the city enables us to help spark technology and true entrepreneurship.
Tech-O-Tuesday is our monthly tech meetup for entrepreneurs in Corona and the Inland Empire
Tech-O-Tuesday was launched with the goal of creating a forward thinking, technology focused ecosystem that will enable existing businesses and innovative startups, to have access to qualified tech advisers and engineers, and other vital resources needed to grow and thrive in a competitive digital marketplace.
Tech-O-Tuesday enables tech based startups to have a world class advisory board at their disposal. This includes experienced industry leaders, investors, top tier software engineers, and web developers. Tech-O-Tuesday is held on every last Tuesday of the month at Skyland Ale Works in Corona, CA.

February's Theme: Opportunity


Recent Events

February 27, 2019
Tech-O-Tuesday Highlights February 2019

Throughout the month, we've been talking about Opportunity. At our February Tech-O-Tuesday, many agree...

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January 31, 2019
Tech-O-Tuesday Highlights January 2019

Throughout the month, we've been talking about Community. At our January Tech-O-Tuesday, Chris shared...

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December 1, 2018
Tech-O-Tuesday Highlights November 2018

This month at Tech-O-Tuesday we closed out the year with our awesome community. Resilience was the topic for month...

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