Tips for Effectively Managing Your App’s Launch

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February 4, 2019

You’ve spent countless hours researching, designing, and creating your mobile app, and the time has come – you are ready to launch. You did it! But instead of celebrating just yet; it’s now time to buckle down, gear up, and work on effectively managing your launch.  At this point, there are probably a ton of questions going through your mind. How well will my app be received? Will I get the number of downloads I’m expecting? How will I know if my launch is going well? Read on for some helpful tips and things to keep in mind so your mobile app launch will go off smoothly.

Don’t Forget the Soft Launch

Sure, you’ve tested, retested, and tested your app again to make sure it works. But no matter how much testing you do yourself, there are probably still some bugs in there that you won’t be able to uncover all on your own. You’ll need someone from the outside to double (triple and quadruple) check on how your app works out in the real world. Here’s where a soft launch can come into play to help you before your official release.

A soft launch is a strategy of releasing your product (without a big marketing push) to a limited number of users. Its purpose is to see how your app will work in real life scenarios before your official launch. It’s instrumental in generating valuable early feedback, getting some positive reviews, and fixing any bugs too. Therefore, make sure that your soft launch users are within your target market.

Since your soft launch users are the first ones to try out your product, it’s beneficial to give them an incentive to add in some extra value – perhaps a gift card, a free copy of your app, etc. It is imperative you also get their unadulterated feedback, and use it to make any necessary changes that will improve the entire user experience. Once you’ve tweaked and perfected your product, you can confidently move forward with your official launch!     

Even Once You’ve Officially Launched, You’re Not Done Yet

Now that you’ve officially launched and your mobile app is in the App/Play Store, you’ll have to keep a close eye on your analytics so you can try to get into that coveted Top 10 Most Downloaded spot. There are two choices you have when it comes to tracking your analytics – use the data provided to you by Apple/Google for free, or pay for an advanced analytics platform service like Fabric or Appsee.

To track your analytics through Apple/Google, all you need to do is go into the Google Play Console of the App Store Connect. There you will be able to see everything from how many downloads you’ve had to how many people have upgraded to your latest version. You’ll also be able to see how long people kept your app open, the in-app purchases they made, and more. Apple/Google also enables you to add filters to analyze specific data to help monitor your performance.

Instead of relying solely on the free analytics provided by Apple/Google, you can pay for a service like Appsee or Fabric. The nice thing about these platforms is that they are built right into your app. They provide more qualitative tools like crashlytics, heat maps, and A/B testing that all enable you to analyze your mobile users’ behaviors better to help you optimize your app.   

We are excited to hear about what apps you are launching soon, and what tactics you feel are beneficial leading up to your launch. Please tweet us at @appcorelabs using #2019launch. If you have any questions, or you’d like more information about how AppCore Labs can help you with your launch, please contact us today.

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