Tips On End To End Testing For Your App

Date Posted
September 1, 2018

You’ve created an amazing app. It’s just what the market needs. But the last thing you want to do is release it to the public and discover the app is has a glitch or a bug that went undetected. To avoid a “buggy” situation, it’s important to conduct end to end testing (E2E).

E2E testing is the methodology used to perform several tests to ensure proper performance and functionality of your mobile app. You want to test to verify the app is working as it should from the user’s perspective. This is critical because studies show 24% of users abandon an app after one use. It begs the question, did the user encounter an issue while using the app?

The recourse is mobile app testing to check the complete process flow of the app, literally from end to end, from start to finish. With E2E testing, you are simulating user interactions, which allows you to find out if your app functions well in real-world conditions as opposed to an artificial environment. You can learn how well the app communicates with hardware and other applications, for example

There are a variety of tools available to automate end to end testing, but manual testing is preferred as some facets are too complex to automate.

The following are 5 tips for effective E2E testing:

  1. Make communication a priority.
    Like most collaborative efforts, communication is key. A manager asking a developer to clarify a piece of code can speed things up and eliminate confusion.
  2. Define and document test scripts early.
    Your documentation will ensure the tests are logical. Testers need clear instructions to ensure smooth testing and validation.
  3. Exercise each scenario in its own test.

Setup code will be a lot simpler because it is only focused on one scenario. Plus, if a scenario in one test fails, other scenarios are not impacted by the failure.

  1. Don’t forget to test interrupt conditions.
    Things like the user getting a notification while using the app often are neglected. What happens when the interruption occurs? How will it be handled? How will it affect the user experience?
  2. Perform security testing.
    Security is of the upmost importance in our current age of cybersecurity threats and breaches. Make sure app data to and from the server are protected.

The key to thorough and effective E2E testing is having total knowledge of the system and the sub-systems. Using a team of testers, with the appropriate knowledge makes for a smoother, faster E2E testing process.

AppCore Labs provides end-to-end testing of all client projects. If you have questions about testing methodology, call 951-432-5011.

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