Up and Coming Tech Businesses in Corona Develop Cool Apps

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September 1, 2018

If you've got hoop skills and you're looking for a competitive pick-up game of basketball, you are in luck because there's a new app for that. Rival, created by city of Corona natives Karan Amin and Jasjeet Virk, is a platform for athletes designed to connect players and organize scheduled pick-up games.

No longer do you have to wait for a game to end and hear the words "Who's got next?" With Rival, you'll already know. This unique, free app allows users to join an existing game, create a new game and even rate opponents.

The Making of Basketball Pick Up Game App

So how did a couple of basketball enthusiasts from Corona come up with Rival?

Karan Amin explained it for Hoops Nation. "My partner/co-founder Jasjeet Virk and I have pretty much been playing pick-up hoops together since we were little kids. As we got older and life's other commitments took over it became harder for us to get our friends to be available at the same time to play. One day Jasjeet and I showed up to a park on a normally packed evening, and there was no one to play with. That day we felt that we couldn't be the only ones with this issue, and we thought of how cool it would be for there to be a platform that solves this very issue. Instead of thinking about it, we took action and Rival was born."

As a company, Rival represents one of many start-up tech businesses in the Corona area that have become part of a growing technology community.

New Tech Businesses Make Delivery of Your Stuff – "EZER"

Another up and coming tech business making waves and showcasing an interesting mobile app concept is EZER. Founded by Glenn Todd and Corona resident Gary Wlassak, EZER is a free app that allows users—businesses and individuals—to connect with drivers of trucks and vans to pick up and deliver goods on demand.

"EZER is a company that offers a service model similar to Uber or Lyft, which moves people, except EZER picks up and delivers your stuff, because your stuff needs a ride too!" said CEO, Glenn Todd.

Just imagine buying a large piece of furniture and having to pay expensive delivery fees. Instead, you can pull out your phone, click the EZER app and get someone to pick up and delivery that furniture for a modest fee.

Within 15 days of the app launching, EZER reportedly completed 175 jobs and had nearly 700 downloads from the Google Play and iTunes App stores.

Both companies—Rival and EZER— used the services of AppCore Labs, an active participant in the Corona tech business community. AppCore Labs helps businesses bring their mobile app dreams to reality. The company provides assistance from market research to app design and development all the way through to deployment.

So, if you have an idea for an app, contact AppCore Labs today at 951-432-5011.

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